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Co-founders Elvis and Jim have been passionate about Greek cuisine since they were young lads.

Elvis was born in Greece, where every meal was a feast of delicious flavours, while Jim grew up in Glebe and spent his youth sampling the best of the area’s many Mediterranean restaurants.

Years later, a chance meeting between the two chefs sparked an epic pursuit for good honest food. Stix and Pita was born.

From daily made pita wraps to decadent housemade desserts, Stix and Pita serves eats to rival the best street kitchens in Athens – with an Aussie twist.

All ingredients are sustainable and sourced from local businesses with premium juicy pork supplied by Bruemar and pasture fed Dorset lamb from the lush Riverina.

Cooked over organic, natural charcoal, Stix and Pita flavours will set your tastebuds ablaze. So tuck into authentic eats from a Greek street kitchen.

The story of Stix and Pita began when our heroes Dimitrios and Euripides had a dream to bring authentic Greek cuisine to the world.

They started a dangerous journey towards Medusa’s lair to acquire the purest of stones. Successful on their quest, they constructed wings of potatoes and flew the stones towards the sun, creating their legendary chips and the blackest of charcoals.

They passed through various mythical cities to discover legendary recipes fit for the Gods. Equipped with these divine recipes and precious charcoals, Dimitrios and Euripides prepared an immaculate feast of Stix and Pita for Poseidon in exchange for safe passage across the perilous oceans.

Through calm waters, our heroes arrived on our shores to welcome all into their Greek street kitchen.

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